Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She is still pretty

I'm back on the bike Oh glory its good to be riding again. The Lipo boost pack is proving out well, I'll have more data shortly. What has been speculation as to road performance and only measured on the Dyno is now fact. The Lipo pack starts sharing current at 60 amps at 100 amps the balance is about 60/40 and I've seen peaks as high as 80 amps from the Lipo booster. On the highway at 60 MPH and 80 amps the Lipo pack will contribute 20 amps. Temperture just isn't a big factor in how the LIFEPO4 and Lipo packs share current.
Just to Review
This Motorcycle started life as a New Lifan 200
34 cell 40AH Thundersky LIFEPO4 pack 115 volts fully charged
Boost pact Diode summed 25 cell 10AH Lipo pack with contactor disconnect
 Boost pack schematic
BLDC (5RPM/volt -10RPM/volt) 10KW, 30KW peak Hub motor with two speed winding and on the fly switching
Kelly Controller KBL12401I adjusted for 250 amps peak
350 pounds
65 to 70 MPH (Depends on tire size and voltage)
0 to 50 in about 6 to 8 sec. (Depends on tire size and current)

Miles to date on the motor over 4000
Miles to date with two speed winding 1000
Miles to date on rotor spokes rim and magnets over 5500

Can she be duplicated YES is she cheap NO

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