Saturday, September 11, 2010

E-transmission refinements

I now have over 100 miles on the 4 turn /2 turn system.
The most important operating parameter is not to switch when there is drive current in the phase wires. I designed a simple system to detect throttle position using a micro switch on the throttle body

When in the zero throttle position the switch is closed
 allowing winding switching

I also added momentary push button switching with the use of a latching control relay

Friday, September 3, 2010

GPR-S at EnerTrac

In the Northeast, this could be the most GPR-S motorcycles in one place (someone correct me if I'm wrong) Okay they are just rollers

GPR-S Rollers

Dyno in action

Tracking down a vibration

Thursday, September 2, 2010

EnerTrac and the future

Originally Posted by Richard230 on
I do like riding the GPR-S because of its small size, light weight and low seat. However, I don't think the small chassis has enough room to pack in enough batteries to keep up with the Empulse - but you never know. Maybe EMS knows something that I don't.

My Response:
I have three GPR-S rollers in my shop. and when set up with the MHM-602 In wheel motor with the new (not yet released) two speed winding, it will creat a very competitive bike that will hold as much or more battery than the Empluse. How that's going to play out in terms of manufacturing, I don't know yet, but I'll be showing technology that will give Bramo serious competition.

I also hope to be showing next year a chain drive BLDC outrunner motor capable of 20KW continuous and 60KW peak running in a GPR-S. This will be a monster of a motor will be mounted at the swingarm pivot. All this work is being funded by EnerTrac directly no venture capital no government hand outs just dam hard work. Currently none of this work is affiliated with any other company.

I must say Brammo has motivated EnerTrac (me) to bring technology to the forefront that I thought would take two years. My goal is show bikes that can take huge amounts of batteries and perform as well or better than anything out there.

With EnerTracs limited capital its hard to know how it will all play out. Next year will be interesting, I doubt Zero is sitting around doing nothing.