Saturday, December 25, 2010

Custom Wheels

We have been busy working on using our existing 602 and 603 motor and integrating them into aluminum rims. This is a customer job in progress. We machined all the parts in house. We started with a RC components rim and worked from there. One thing you'll notice is the dual rotors for dual disc brakes.
 This is a 16 inch X 3.5 inch rim.
 With the customers permission I'll show the wheel fitted to his fork.
EnerTrac can now offer rims from All American Wheel

2011 will be the start of custom wheels from EnerTrac.

Enertrac is also doing custom spoked wheel at different sizes and widths.
We just finished this wheel for a customer in CA.

3.5 X 17 inch
Warp 9 rim 602 motor

The next update we'll show is forced air cooling. We have been testing it on our dirt bike build. The blower motor is temperature and throttle position controlled. Our experiments are leading us to believe that twice the output power maybe possible with our forced air cooling method.

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