Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If it needs an electric motor, EnerTrac will move it

One place a very efficient traction motor is needed is in Solar cars. The only motor to address this market at the 10KW power level is way expensive, like 6 times the cost of a EnerTrac product. EnerTrac is capable of doing the same job being a 10KW product.

EnerTrac is offering a two speed motor 602/604 that can vary the torque speed ratio depending on the winging chosen. For the solar car application we are hand fitting the bearings and doing other trick to squeeze as much efficiency as possible out of the motor.

Can EnerTrac claim to be as good a a NuGen motor, I'll let the teams decide. What I do know is at our price many more teams can enter the engineering challenge of solar car racing. I'm sure properly used the EnerTrac 602/604 will prove to be a strong contender in the solar drive system world.
Newburgh Free Academy Solar Racing Team
EnerTrac is proud to be supplying the motor for this team and bring a race ready car down in price so many more can experience the challenge. We are preparing the motors now, They are built, being tested and characterized, every motor for this application will be custom built and individually tested.

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  1. Nice! Was on a solar car team '97-'01, we used the precursor to the NuGen pancake motor, and yes it was pricey... Glad to see some competition in this fringe area.