Saturday, August 21, 2010


I spent the day yesterday rewiring a 602 motor a two turn motor into a 4 turn motor. I pulled out enough of the winding so I can switch on the fly between a four turn and two turn winding. The thinking is, start off the line with the four turn winding then switch to a 2 turn winding for high speed. I expect the switch point to be around 30 MPH. This should increase the off the line torque and improve the low end efficiency of the motor. This is pure R&D, no product offering is being considered as this time.

On a second note we have three GPR-S EMS rollers in my shop. Are they Demo bikes for the 600 series hub motor, For sale as complete bikes, answer, both mostly I want to show the possibilities the 600 series motor offers. It will increase the battery capacity of the GRP-S by 30% without any performance hit matter of fact I expect a performance increase.

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